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Spring Is in the Air

May 18, 2023

With the warmer weather here, Parkinson’s disease doesn’t need to keep you inside out of the sunshine.

Here are some exercise options to try:

  • Walk, run or hike. This helps increase your aerobic work. Challenge yourself by walking up small hills or increasing your speed. Use a set of walking poles if you feel you need a little more stability.
  • Outdoor yoga or tai chi. This activity is great for balance and coordination. Try a beginner’s class to get the hang of it. Keep a chair next to you for balance if you feel you need it.
  • Golfing. Load up your clubs and head to the golf course. Golfing can help you build your endurance, coordination, flexibility and stamina.
  • Gardening. It’s time to plant those flowers and vegetables. Gardening works on balance and walking on uneven surfaces. Use a walking stick if you feel you need more stability walking on the grass. You can use raised garden beds if you don’t feel safe getting on the ground in a comfortable kneeling position.

Getting outside and smelling the fresh air and sunshine does wonders for the mind and body. Enjoy!

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