For New Patients

Memory Care Center Patients:

The Memory Care Center sees adult – usually older adult – patients who have been referred by a primary care medical professional because they are concerned about or have begun to experience changes in their thinking, the way they behave, or their ability to take care of themselves.

Care Partner:

Your care partner can help you with emotional support and can help you make good choices. Your care partner can also help you gather and understand information and help you make good choices about your care. You must bring a family member, friend, or another person who knows you well to every visit. At the Memory Care Center, this person is known as your “care partner.” 


For most people, the process of determining a diagnosis will require up to three visits. Sometimes, it is not possible to reach a definitive diagnosis.

Pre-visit Paperwork:

Incoming patients will receive a packet of pre-visit information in the mail:

  • Patient Questionnaire: this is how we will begin to get to know you, before you even arrive! There will be questions about medical history and medications, but also about your hobbies and interests. This is a good spot to tell us what makes you YOU.

  • Patient Scales: we will ask you to fill out forms about your activities and your mood.

  • Care Partner Scales: we will ask your care partner to fill out forms about your activities.

Filling out this paperwork in advance will reduce your registration time and provide your doctor with important information that will help you receive the highest quality of care. You may bring the completed paperwork with you to the appointment. Or, if you prefer, you may either fax it to us or mail it the good, old-fashioned way.

On the day of your visit:

  • Please plan to arrive 20 minutes ahead of your scheduled appointment time, so that you can check in at the front desk and begin seeing the nurse.

  • Please bring your insurance card. We will copy this and give it back to you.

  • Please bring a form of identification. You can use a driver’s license, a non-driver ID, or a passport.

  • Please bring your eyeglasses and/or hearing assistive devices with you. We also have “pocket talkers” to help you hear during the visit. Just let the front desk staff know if you would like to use one.

  • Medications (either a list or the actual pill bottles). Please include prescription medications and over-the-counter pills you take.

The First Visit: Preliminary Examination

Your physician will ask questions about your symptoms and how they are affecting your daily life. The physician will conduct mental and physical examinations. This first visit is usually about 90 minutes.

Second Visit: Thinking Tests

Your physician will conduct thinking tests with you that focus on attention, language, memory, and other thinking abilities. The duration of the second visit is variable.

Outside Tests: Blood Tests and Imaging

Sometime between the first and third visits, the Memory Care Center will ask you to have basic lab tests and brain imaging, like MRI, completed, or to send us the results of those tests if done previously.

Third Visit: Diagnosis

Your physician will discuss all of the results with you, explain how they relate to a diagnosis, and what treatments or other steps are recommended. You will be given all of the information that you need in order to select the treatment option(s) you are more interested in pursuing. This visit usually lasts about an hour.

The full diagnostic evaluation may be completed in as little as one month or it may take up to six months.

Are you a care partner?

Having a care partner present during all visits to the Memory Care Center is vital for guidance and support throughout a patient's journey. A care partner is required at all visits to the memory care center.

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