Dementia & Dementing Diseases

Dementia is not a specific or single disease. Instead, it is a general term for the impaired ability to remember, think, or make decisions that interferes with doing everyday activities.

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common type of dementia. Of those at least 65 years of age, by 2060, nearly 14 million people are projected to be living with dementia.

Though dementia mostly affects older adults, it is not a part of normal aging.

  • Many older adults – even some with bad habits like smoking or drinking to excess – never develop dementia.

  • Normal age-related memory changes may include:

    •  Occasionally misplacing car keys

    •  Struggling to find a word but remembering it later

    •  Forgetting the name of an acquaintance

    •  Forgetting the most recent events

  • Normally, knowledge and experiences built over years, such as old memories and language, remain intact, even with advancing years.

Warning signs that could be signs and symptoms of dementia include:

  • Getting lost in a familiar neighborhood

  • Using unusual words to refer to familiar objects

  • Forgetting the name of a close family member or friend

  • Forgetting recent memories, even when older ones seem to remain fresh

  • Not being able to complete familiar tasks independently

Dementing Diseases We Diagnose and Treat:

Find out about the dementing diseases we treat and diagnose at the Memory Care Center:

  • Alzheimer’s Disease

  • Dementia with Lewy Bodies

  • Vascular Dementia

  • Frontotemporal Lobar Degenerations

The Memory Care Center also conducts tests to determine whether your memory or cognitive problems are due to something other than dementia, like:

  • Depression or anxiety

  • Mild Cognitive Impairment

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