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4 Sweet Treats That Won’t Break Your Diet

April 26, 2024

When you find yourself craving a sweet treat, it’s hard not to immediately reach for the Oreos. But there are some sweet — and simple — snacks that won’t leave you feeling guilty.

Here are five dietitian-approved snacks sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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1. Fresh fruit.

No surprise here – fresh fruit is king.

“There are so many different ways to enjoy fruit, and they’re all delicious!” says Cassandra Vigue, RDN, registered dietitian with Hartford HealthCare. “Fruit is a good choice for people looking to lower their overall calorie intake, and can also lower the risk of several diseases.”

You can always eat fruit plain, but there are plenty of ways to get creative with it, too.

“Apple slices with peanut butter is a great option. It gives you a perfect balance of protein from the nut butter and carbs from the apples,” says Vigue.

Or for a treat in the summer, try frozen grapes, berries or bananas.

“These are great on their own, or can be added to yogurt or smoothies for a little extra flavor. Frozen fruit has the same nutrients as fresh fruit, and lasts longer,” Vigue adds.

Simply freeze small pieces of fruit in an ice cube tray for a snack loaded with fiber and natural sugars.

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2. Banana ice cream.

Craving ice cream, but not ready to break the diet? Vigue has a hack for that.

“Simply freeze some banana slices and add them to a blender with a little unsweetened almond milk. Blend until creamy, and add a drop or two of vanilla extract if you want some extra flavor,” she says.

And the best part? You can add any other ingredients to create your ideal snack.

“Try adding berries, honey, sugar-free chocolate chips or peanut butter to change it up. I love the powdered peanut butter, it’s lower in fat and added sugar, and perfect for mixing into ice cream or smoothies,” Vigue notes.

3. Apple nachos.

If you’re going to try one item on this list, make it these healthy nachos.

“You can just slice up an apple slather some nut butter on top, and pop them in the air fryer. Drizzle with honey and sprinkle some cinnamon on top,” says Vigue.

And that cinnamon won’t just give it a great flavor – it’s a great antioxidant as well.

4. Greek yogurt.

Versatile and delicious, Greek yogurt is a simple answer to your craving for sweet snacks.

“Homemade parfaits are a great source of natural sugars, healthy fats, calcium and protein,” says Vigue. “Yogurt is also considered a probiotic, which is important for the promotion of healthy bacteria in the gut.”

But be careful when choosing your toppings.

“Watch out for granola – it’s typically high in fats and added sugar,” says Vigue. “Nuts, seeds, chia or flax make a better choice, as they’ll keep you full longer.”

Greek yogurt is also easy to freeze, making for a perfect cold treat.

“It tastes just like ice cream, but offers more benefits. Greek yogurt is also higher in protein and lower in added sugars than plain yogurt,” Vigue adds.

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Any protein and fiber combo will do.

Looking for a simple equation to make a balanced snack? Protein plus fiber is a good place to start.

“Adding a protein, like peanut butter, to a fiber source like fruit, vegetables or whole grains will help with both satiety and blood sugar control. Snacks that are high in fiber will keep you full for longer,” says Vigue.

Not sure how to do it?

“My favorites are fruit with nut butter, hummus with cucumber, and Greek yogurt with berries,” she says.

Aim to eat every three to four hours, and choose nutritious snacks that keep you satisfied between meals.

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