Hartford HealthCare Now: Jefferson House

Hartford HealthCare Now - Jefferson House

Jefferson House patients have access to a new telehealth service, Hartford HealthCare Now, which allows patients, physicians, relatives and caregivers to connect from anywhere using a simple video platform. This pilot program is the first of its kind among skilled nursing facilities in the state.


In this pilot program, patients with congestive heart failure (CHF) will have the option to incorporate telehealth into their care. Participation in telehealth programs increases patient and caregiver satisfaction, improves patient engagement, and reduces readmissions to hospitals and skilled nursing facilities.

Access to convenient care

Every CHF patient will have an initial in-person visit with a cardiologist. After the initial visit, patients have the option to use telehealth for their follow-up visits. Jefferson House patients who use Hartford HealthCare Now will have convenient access to:

  • Appointments with a cardiologist
  • Appointments located in their homes or at the bedside
  • Conferencing with up to 10 people, including relatives and caregivers

A telehealth nurse works with patients and their families and caregivers to schedule visits.

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Outpatient clinic services

Congestive heart failure patients require a unique and specialized level of care, which can be efficiently managed through telehealth services.

Jefferson House can now manage the discharge process by using telehealth as a tool to prepare CHF patients for the transition home. CHF patients in need of follow-up after discharge may be referred to the Bridge Clinic, which will also offer telehealth services. Through this service, patients will receive:

  • Education about managing congestive heart failure at home
  • Discharge planning
  • Conferencing for relatives and caregivers who are not able to meet the patient at the bedside prior to discharge

Telehealth Tablet ComputerHow to access Hartford HealthCare Now

At Jefferson House, the telehealth service is accessed by the patient’s nurse through an electronic device, which connects the patient, provider, and remote caregivers.

Jefferson House patients and families will receive a link to access the web service, which is delivered by email. As the pilot program expands, a telehealth connection will be made by downloading an app from the App Store.


Cost of a Jefferson House telehealth visit

There is no fee for patients using the Jefferson House telehealth service, which is grant funded.

Telehealth success at Hartford HealthCare

Currently, a Telerehabilitation program is in place at Jefferson House. Telerehab allows patients to participate in physical therapy using a tablet from their home after their short-term rehab stay. Patients who use telerehab have shorter stays in nursing facilities. They also continue their physical therapy at home with the same therapist they already know. Learn more >>

For more information

To speak with a Jefferson House telehealth program representative, call 860.667.4453.

Patients have the option to opt out of telehealth visits.

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