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See your headache specialist online with Hartford HealthCare Now

The Hartford HealthCare Headache Center specializes in the expert diagnosis and treatment of headaches. To increase accessibility and convenience to the center’s outstanding providers, you have the opportunity to use a new app called Hartford HealthCare Now (HHC Now), which allows patients to connect with their headache specialist using a simple video platform.

What are the benefits of using HHC Now?

Patients enjoy the hassle-free experience of online visits, including:

  • No traveling, traffic, or parking
  • Continued visits with their current headache specialist
  • Convenience of seeing your headache specialist
  • Increased care when you need it
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How does HHC Now work?

You can have a visit with your provider by downloading and launching the HHC Now app on your desktop or mobile device and following the prompts to start your appointment. Your headache specialist will determine if HHC Now is right for you. Patients who are eligible will only use the app for follow-up appointments. Establishing an initial relationship with your headache specialist is still an important part of your treatment.

Who is eligible to use HHC Now?

To use HHC Now, patients must:

  • Be deemed eligible by their headache specialist
  • Have access to a computer or smart device

How is my privacy protected?

Hartford HealthCare uses a secure and encrypted system that meets strict HIPAA regulations to safeguard your information.

Hartford HealthCare Now: a Telehealth Pilot Program

How do I schedule an appointment?

Initial appointments will be scheduled in the office by our headache patient service coordinators. If needed, follow up visits will be scheduled over the phone 5-10 minutes after your completed HHC Now appointment.

How much does an HHC Now visit cost?

The cost of your visit is based on the type of visit you are scheduled for and the specialist you see that day.

Where do I get more information?

To speak with the Headache Center HHC Now coordinator, call 860.292.2925, or ask your Headache Center provider for more details.

Patients have the option to discontinue using HHC Now at any time.

Hartford HealthCare Headache Center
65 Memorial Road, Suite 508
West Hartford, CT 06107
P: 860.696.2925
F: 860.696.2926
E: headachecenter@hhchealth.org

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How do I connect?

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