For New Patients

Scheduling a New Patient Visit

Welcome to the Hartford HealthCare Headache Center. We look forward to helping you schedule your new patient appointment in three easy steps.

Online Questionnaire1. Who We See.

The Headache Center sees adult patients referred by a primary care physician who are over the age of 18 and who are experiencing daily, routine, periodic, or occasional headaches. In other words, if you are an adult with a PCP who experiences headaches, we are here to help!

Note: Dr. Grosberg is currently not accepting new patients.

Note: We we currently do not see the following patients:

  • We do not accept self-referrals - a referral from a primary care physician is required.

  • Patients who are under the age of 18 and/or in high school.

  • Patients who have an active workers' compensation claim related to headaches or migraines.

  • Patients who experience headaches or migraines due to a motor vehicle accident.

Online Questionnaire2. Complete our online Headache Questionnaire.

This custom-made headache questionnaire is an important tool that your headache specialist will use to help design a personalized care plan for you. We must have this completed questionnaire before we can schedule your new patient appointment because it is so valuable in assuring you receive the best possible consultation with our specialists.

Secure Online Questionnaire

We strongly encourage you to complete the questionnaire online. It is the fastest way to obtain your appointment. If you must fill out a paper version, please download it, and return it to us by fax (860.696.2926) or email as an attachment to

Fax your info3. Send us your medical records and progress notes.

At least three days prior to your new patient visit, send us your medical records and progress notes through fax at 860.696.2926, or ask your current provider for a referral that includes labs, imaging, and your most recent progress note.

Our headache specialists will need recent imaging reports, recent lab reports, and the most recent progress note from the provider who is currently managing your migraine and headache care. We frequently see patients who are looking for specialized headache care, so please do not hesitate to request these records. The best way to send these records is to tell your current provider that you would like your labs, imaging, and most recent progress note sent to the Hartford HealthCare Headache Center at our fax line at 860.696.2926.

  • Recent Lab Reports
  • Recent Imaging Reports
  • Most Recent Progress Note
  • Three Days Prior to your Visit

Call Us4. You will be contacted by our New Patient Coordinator for an appointment once all information has been obtained.

We will attempt to expedite your referrals and answer your questions quickly. Please review our office communication policy for more information.

Other Important Resources for New Patients

Headache Center Communication Policy

Please carefully read and review our office communication policy. We will always make our best attempt to expedite your referrals and answer your questions quickly, but there are timeframes we have set for how quickly we can respond to your clinical and administrative needs.

Download the Communication Policy

Headache Center Office Policies

We ask that you arrive at least thirty minutes early for your new patient appointment, and we ask that you call us at least 24 hours in advance if you intend to reschedule. Frequent tardiness and missed appointments can hinder our ability to create access for patients who are looking for care.

Headache Questionnaire

We ask that you complete this secure, online questionnaire. This must be completed before you can schedule your new patient appointment. This questionnaire allows our team to develop a personalized care plan for you, and it is necessary to assure you receive the most productive consultation possible with our headache specialists.

Secure Online Questionnaire

We encourage you to take the online questionnaire for faster service, but a paper version is available for download.

Headache Diary & Guide

Please download and print this headache diary. Start using it prior to your new patient visit and always bring it in to your appointments. This diary has proven helpful for many of our patients, and it is also helpful for your specialist who will design your personalized care plan.

Download the Diary & Guide

Joint Notice of Privacy Practices

We appreciate this opportunity to provide an outline of your rights as a patient and our Joint Notice of Privacy Practices. These are designed to help protect your interests and provide you with quality care.

Download the Joint Notice of Privacy Practices

Receipt of Privacy Practices

We will ask you to sign this consent form when you arrive at our office. It allows us to contact you regarding your appointments, and it gives us permission to coordinate and integrate our care delivery within Hartford HealthCare.

Download the Receipt of Privacy Practices form

If you have any questions before you visit us, please call us at 860.696.2925.​​

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