Nerivio - Drug-Free Migraine Relief

Nerivio® is an FDA-approved wearable device that deploys Remote Electrical Neuromodulation (REN), a novel technique developed by Theranica (the maker of Nerivio).

Nerivio stimulates small nerves in the upper arm. The message from the arm is received by a brainstem pain regulation center that can inhibit pain signals by releasing neurotransmitters, resulting in significant pain relief which can end the migraine attack.

"Chronic migraine is characterized by headaches experienced on at least 15 days per month," said Brian Grosberg, MD, Director of the Hartford Healthcare Headache Center, who served as the primary investigator of the study. "People with chronic migraine not only have a higher frequency of migraine attacks, but their attacks tend to be more severe than episodic migraine patients. They typically need to take more medications, usually cocktails of preventive and acute medications. The challenge is to relieve the migraine symptoms while avoiding the risk of medication overuse headache (MOH) and other complications. Non-pharmacological interventions such as REN help meet this need by providing a drug-free treatment option. As a clinically validated, non-pharmacological acute treatment option for people with migraine, Nerivio is an excellent fit for fulfilling this need."

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