Conditions & Treatments

At the Hartford HealthCare Headache Center, we are devoted to a comprehensive approach to diagnosing and treating patients with head pain.

Whether you experience a headache attack once a month or on a daily basis, we provide a thorough assessment for anyone looking for relief from headache pain. Our team then develops individualized treatment plans consisting of various options for headache management.

At our headache center, we treat adults who suffer from various forms of headache. Headaches can disrupt your life: People often miss work and school obligations, resulting in lowered productivity and reduced income. Headaches also can interfere with social lives and leisure activities.

Biobehavioral Treatments

“Biobehavioral treatment” refers to biofeedback and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), both non-medication treatments for headache. CBT for headache typically includes relaxation training; the identification and management of headache triggers; stress management; improving daily functioning; and treating comorbid condition such as depression, anxiety, obesity, or sleep disturbance. Research has shown that these techniques can be as effective as medication when practiced correctly and can make medication work more effectively. These approaches are typically first taught by a professional (psychologist, social worker, physical therapist, occupational therapist, or other experienced allied health professional) and can then be practiced on your own.

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Botulinum Toxin (Botox) Treatments

Botulinum toxin treatments are performed by our clinicians in the clinic and are an approved novel therapy for the treatment of chronic migraine.

Nerivio® - Drug-Free Migraine Relief

Nerivio is an FDA-approved wearable device that stimulates small nerves in the upper arm. The message from the arm is received by a brainstem pain regulation center that can inhibit pain signals by releasing neurotransmitters, resulting in significant pain relief which can end the migraine attack.

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Occipital and Other Peripheral Nerve Blocks

Occipital and other peripheral nerve blocks are injections that involve a local anesthetic and occasionally a steroid for patients that suffer from various types of headache disorders. These injections are performed in the clinic, and the patient, after a few minutes of observation, can return to their daily routine afterwards.

Trigger Point Injections

Trigger point injections (TPI) treat extremely painful areas of muscle. A trigger point is a “knot” or tight band of muscle that forms when a muscle fails to relax. The knot can often be felt under the skin and may twitch involuntarily when touched. The trigger point can trap or irritate surrounding nerves and cause referred pain felt in other parts of the body (i.e. neck, back or temple areas of the head). TPI are used to alleviate myofascial pain syndrome (chronic pain involving tissue that surrounds muscle) that does respond to other treatment. TPI are helpful in treating headaches by relaxing the muscles that may contribute to pain. At the HHC Headache Center, we concentrate on the muscles of the neck, shoulders and upper back, as we find that these muscles can contribute significantly to certain types of headache.


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