Support at The Cancer Institute


Advance Directives

Legally binding instructions for your physician to follow in your treatment, should you become unable to make a decision yourself. You also have the right to receive information from your physician to assist you in reaching a decision about what medical care is to be provided to you.

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The Boutique

On-site and community resources for hair solutions, mastectomy products and other helpful resources to assist cancer patients throughout their treatment and into recovery.

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Nutritional Support

Good nutrition through a healthy diet is important for everyone, but especially those with a cancer diagnosis. Eating and drinking the right foods and liquids during and after cancer treatment can help keep your strength up, prevent infections, and repair and rebuild damaged tissue.

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Patient and Family Resource Center

Offering patients, families and visitors helpful resources addressing the many challenges and questions that arise with a new cancer diagnosis. Our resource centers cover many topics dealing with many aspects of dealing with being diagnosed.

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Social Work

Social work experts are available to support you, your family and caregivers as you manage the stress and emotional strain of treating cancer. Our social work team is uniquely qualified to advocate, empower and enhance your physical, emotional, social and spiritual well-being.

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Survivorship Program

As part of a multidisciplinary, integrated team, the Survivorship Program provides comprehensive, coordinated after-care for cancer patients treated at Hartford HealthCare.

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Tobacco Cessation

Hartford HealthCare Cancer Institute provides smoking cessation services to any patient in active treatment. We also offer research studies for people trying to quit smoking.

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Patient & Family Resource Center

Hartford HealthCare Cancer Institute