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Memorial Sloan Kettering clinical trials are now available for Hartford HealthCare Cancer Institute patients.

As part of the Hartford HealthCare Cancer Institute’s pioneering membership in the Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK) Cancer Alliance, an increasing number of MSK’s leading-edge cancer clinical trials and protocols are now being offered to cancer patients who receive care within the Institute.

That means promising and potentially groundbreaking advances in cancer research and treatment are being made available to patients without requiring them to go to New York City, where MSK is located and where previously patients had to travel to gain access to MSK’s world-renowned bank of trials and protocols.

The rollout of MSK clinical trials to patients within Hartford HealthCare is a cornerstone the Institute’s membership in the Alliance. As of July 2016, the Institute had made MSK-originated clinical trials and research protocols available to patients who are being cared at any of the five cancer centers that make up the Cancer Institute – Hartford Hospital, Backus Hospital, Windham Hospital, The Hospital of Central Connecticut and MidState Medical Center. Additional trials and studies are expected to be opened to patients over the next several months.

The MSK trials are being made available in addition to a wide array of promising trials and research protocols now being offered to patients as part of the Institute’s Cancer Clinical Research Office, which are conducted by physicians and research specialists at the various cancer centers within the Institute.

“Our goal is to add to our existing portfolio of studies and to offer a comprehensive array of clinical trials for patients with common and uncommon cancers treated at the Hartford HealthCare Cancer Institute,” said Ellen Dornelas, PhD, Director of the Cancer Clinical Research Office.

What is the "Cancer Moon Shot"?

Have you heard of the cancer moonshot? "We've been told by the federal government that the goal is to do what you are doing anyway, but do it a lot faster," says Dr. Peter Wu, Senior VP, Hartford HealthCare & Physician-in-Chief, Hartford HealthCare Cancer Institute. "So, instead of taking ten years to accomplish something, figure out how to do it in five."

When you hear the word cancer, there’s a whole range of emotions that washes over you – shock, anger, fear.

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