Behavioral Counseling

Compassionate Care that Supports Patients & Families

The Cancer Institute at Hartford HealthCare offers an integrative approach to cancer treatment. It’s normal for both patients and caregivers to be worried and stressed, not only during treatment but also afterwards – and that can feel overwhelming. Our Behavioral Counseling team helps patients experience the best quality of life possible, addressing the physical and emotional sides of fighting cancer.

A Singular Focus on the Challenges of Cancer

People who have never experienced clinical mental health issues before can feel overwhelmed by anxiety or depression as they adjust to a new cancer diagnosis. Some patients may have existing mental health issues that get worse with the stress of knowing they have cancer. In both cases, it’s normal to need some extra support. We help with issues ranging from improving sleep quality and reducing overall stress to managing chronic pain and improving their mood while undergoing cancer treatment. We also support patients through behavioral weight loss and quitting smoking.

Sometimes loved ones also need help understanding what patients are going through. Our Behavioral Counseling teams work with patients, couples, families, and caregivers throughout treatment. They help to ensure that Cancer Institute patients have as much support as they need.

Close Collaboration with Extended Team Members

The Behavioral Counseling team provides care with dignity, integrity and compassion. Completely dedicated to cancer care, our professionals include mental health experts, social workers, nutritional experts, and spiritual care providers. Cancer Institute nurses are integral to this team, and many lead monthly classes and support groups.

The Cancer Institute’s Nurse Navigators closely follow each patient, and can introduce counseling services at any point in their treatment. Routine screening for patients coming in for radiation or chemotherapy also helps our team identify depressive symptoms and overall emotional distress. When needed, our colleagues in Palliative Medicine are available for Consultation Psychiatry for Cancer Institute patients and families.

Emotional Healing After Cancer Treatment

Even when patients have finished their cancer treatment, our Behavioral Counseling team is there for them. In fact, it can be a real emotional challenge for patients to put their lives together after treatment.

They may have lingering fears about whether their cancer might recur. Many mourn the loss of how they used to feel before their cancer diagnosis, and struggle with “getting back to normal.” Our Behavioral Counseling team works in collaboration with our Survivorship Program to help patients, and their families, with the healing process.

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