Heather Satlof — Kids. Coffee. Chemo. All in a day in Avon.

Heather Satlof is a busy wife, mother and friend. On many mornings, you’ll find Heather conferring with confidantes at Dom’s Coffee Shop.

Heather Satlof
It wasn’t until she was diagnosed with breast cancer that she discovered how important those friendships could be. The 47-year-old Avon resident found her friends’ support helped her through her treatment. They listened to her concerns, and often drove her to her treatments at the Avon site of the Hartford HealthCare Cancer Institute at Hartford Hospital.

“Having treatment so close meant I could still be there for my family when they needed me,” she said. Today Heather is cancer free. And extremely grateful. “I cannot thank Hartford Hospital, my family, and my friends enough,” she said.

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