Amy Daniele — Soccer got me through cancer. I didn’t want to miss a game.

Amy Daniele

Like many moms, Amy Daniele has a full schedule, often based around her kids’ schooling and sports. It was while traveling to attend a karate tournament that she discovered the lump in her breast that was later diagnosed as cancer.

Amy found the quick and attentive care she received from The Hospital of Central Connecticut helped her manage her disease while managing her life. Amy’s two young children were avid soccer players. She worked with her healthcare team to schedule her chemotherapy treatments at the beginning of the week, so that the resulting fatigue would lessen by the weekend games. “I needed to be okay for my kids’ soccer,” she said.

These days, Amy is cancer free, enjoying her family and sports, and continuing her career as a pharmacist for a large insurance company. “Soccer got me through cancer,” she said. “And the care I received was amazing.”

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