List of Charges
St. Vincent's Medical Center


Understanding the charges for medical services and procedures helps our patients make more informed decisions about their healthcare.

Hartford HealthCare provides an online list of standard charges for each hospital within Hartford HealthCare. We make every effort to provide accurate charges based on standard charges representing the typical lowest and highest charges.

The amount a patient pays is based on many factors, including health insurance (government and commercial payers), benefit plans and other discounts, as well as the nature of services provided, based on each patient’s unique needs. Each patient’s financial responsibility will vary.

If you are covered by any type of health insurance, please contact your health insurance provider to request an estimate of your financial responsibility before your service or procedure.

If you are not covered by health insurance, you are strongly encouraged to contact our financial counselor before your service or procedure to discuss payment options and receive a price estimate.


  • I understand that a single charge may not represent a complete medical service. Multiple components may be necessary for a complete service (e.g. procedure(s), supplies, and drugs).
  • I understand that the List of Charges includes hospital services only and may not include professional fees.
  • I understand that the List of Charges represents inpatient and outpatient hospital services that may located on the main campus or at another location off campus from the main hospital address.
  • I understand that Hartford HealthCare provides estimates of charges for hospital services and that I may speak with a patient financial services representative for an estimate of charges for a specific service based on my individual circumstances.

I acknowledge that I have read the above information.