Hartford HealthCare at Work: Return to Workplace Program

    Employer Information

    Working with You to Resume Safe Operations

    for Your Employees & Customers.

    Infection Prevention & Employee Safety 

    Develop comprehensive return-to-workplace strategy 

    Standards of Care and employer protocol

    • • Assist in ensuring the environment meets CDC standards 
    • • Provide education about social distancing, hand hygiene, and general ways to remain healthy both in and outside of the work area 
    • • Develop protocols for socially distant lunch rooms, break rooms, and, meeting spaces 
    • • Provide cleaning and disinfecting protocols 
    • • Assistance in developing policies and guidelines for proper use of facemasks and other protective equipment 
    • • Help develop a contact tracing program 
    • • Provide consultation when there are outbreaks and illness 

    Temperature screening protocol 

    Employee Testing 

    Develop workplace testing strategy 

    Provide comprehensive testing solutions 

    Testing of your employees on-site or at a designated location 

    Employer protocol

    • • Assist in creating protocol for employee self-reporting 
    • • Assist in writing consent forms for employer COVID-positive test results 
    • • Assistance in developing a return-to-work policy for COVID-positive employees 
    • • Assistance in writing protocol for symptomatic employees and how they can connect to care 

    Connecting Employees to Care 

    Telehealth COVID-19 wellness program

    • • Virtual visits for COVID-positive employees 
    • • Virtual visits for employees in need of care 
    • • Virtual visits for employees needing guidance or behavioral health support and services 

    Support for your employees’ total wellness

    • • 24/7 hotline for employees who have questions or need emotional support 
    • • Hartford HealthCare’s online connection to community resources for basic needs including family meals, access to childcare, financial guidance and more

    COVID–19 Kiosk Testing Program

    What’s it look like? Sample site plan: Estimated number of employees to be tested per hour: 120

    Kiosk Testing

    • Kiosk testing is provided at an on-site location determined by the employer.
    • The design is set up to test the maximum number of employees in the safest and most efficient manner.
    • Employees arrive, are registered, obtain a test kit and a label and proceed to the testing area.
    • At the testing area, employees receive training on how to self-swab. They complete the swab while being observed by Hartford HealthCare’s trained employees.
    • When employees have finished swabbing, they follow instructions to cap/close the swab in a test tube, label and secure the sample in a bag.
    • They leave the testing area and drop the specimen in a designated container

    Before we start: Pre-planning requirements

    Employer provides an estimate of the total number of employees to be tested and the preferred times/days for testing

    Who will be receiving results?

    • If customer key contact then consent is required
    • If Hartford HealthCare is providing results, we will call employees with positive results and request MyChartPlus sign-up to receive negative test results

    A site review team will complete a pre-planning assessment at the site that includes:

    • Review of the space identified
    • Technical assessment

    Employer is provided a list of equipment needed

    • Tables, chairs, garbage cans, etc.

    Hartford HealthCare will provide the technical equipment and the staff needed based on the assessment

    What happens 48-72 hours prior to testing

    Employer provides Hartford HealthCare a list of employees identified for testing

    • This list includes all required information to pre-register employees for testing.

    Hartford HealthCare providers will order all the COVID-19 tests in advance to expedite registration and maximize the number of test performed during the kiosk testing event

    What to expect on the day of testing

    The Site Lead and designated staff will arrive at the testing location with all required technical equipment and supplies needed.

    The employer has a room set up with equipment agreed upon in pre-planning meeting

    Employees are required to arrive with a photo ID. They must be wearing a facemask and adhere to social distancing requirements

    • The employer is responsible for scheduling employees for their testing based on the pre-planning assessment and volume of tests required.
    • It is best to schedule employees in small groups every 15 minutes to cycle through the testing process