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  • COPD: Try a New Quit-Smoking Strategy

    Hear how one man with COPD finally quit after many years of smoking.

  • Aggression in Youth

    What is aggression? Everyone gets angry sometimes, even small children. But some children and teens have so much trouble controlling their anger that they shove, hit, or make fun of other people. This causes them trouble at home and at school. They often have a hard time making friends. And...

  • Quitting Smoking: The Rewards Start Now

    Learn some of the many immediate and long-term health benefits of quitting smoking.

  • Making a Change That Matters

    Almost everyone wants to change or improve some part of his or her life. For some people, it's eating better or getting more exercise. For others, it might be quitting smoking or drinking less. But whatever the change, you have to be ready to make it. And the reality is...

  • Not Ready for Change?

    Maybe you're fine with the way your life's going right now. Or maybe the timing is wrong, and you need to wait to plan for a change. Either way, there might be something here that interests you. Don't change anything This may not be the time to make a change...

  • Thinking About a Change?

    Changing anything big in your life can be stressful. It can seem like a lot to do. This can be especially true when the change involves tobacco, a drug, alcohol, or changing how you eat. For some people, knowing that something has to change happens quickly. For others, it can...

  • Planning for a Change That Matters

    Deciding to make healthy changes is a big step. Maybe you're feeling hopeful, excited, and ready for the change. Or maybe you're nervous or worried that you'll let yourself and others down if you don't succeed. You're not alone. Many people feel these emotions when they're thinking about change. It's...

  • Making Your Change Happen

    So you're ready to make a change that matters to you. You've planned for this change. You have your larger plan and smaller steps defined. Here are some things you can do to help you stay focused and make it easier to manage temptation, track your progress, and keep things...

  • Keeping Change Going—Your New Normal

    Thinking about change, planning for change, and making your change happen all take work. Keeping a change going can be just as hard. It takes time to make it your new "normal." And you can expect to have a few tough times. Here are some things you can do to...

  • Conserving Energy When You Have COPD or Other Chronic Conditions

    Sometimes daily activities can be exhausting when you have COPD, heart failure, or another long-term (chronic) condition. You may feel at times as though you've lost your ability to live your life. Conserving, or saving, your energy means finding ways to do daily activities with as little effort as possible.

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