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  • Birth Control for Teens

    Birth control—without it, pregnancy can happen. That's why you need birth control you can count on. There are lots of good options for birth control. Your best choices are those that you find easy to use—so you never go without it. And of course, no matter what kind of birth...

  • Safe Use of Long-Acting Opioids

    Long-acting opioid pain relievers are medicines used to relieve moderate to severe long-term pain. They are also called extended-release opioids. Opioids relieve pain by changing the way your body feels pain. They don't cure a health problem, but they help you manage the pain. If you take a lot of...

  • Cholesterol: How It Raises Your Risk

    Learn how high cholesterol raises your risk for heart attack and stroke.

  • Cholesterol: Choosing a Heart-Healthy Life

    Learn about making healthy changes that can help lower your risk for heart attack and stroke.

  • Vasectomy: Before Your Surgery

    Learn about a vasectomy, how it's done, and how to prepare for the surgery.

  • COVID-19: How to Wear a Cloth Face Cover or a Mask

    Learn how to wear a cloth face cover or a mask to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

  • Quick Tips: 9 Things to Do if You've Been Exposed to COVID-19

    If you are fully vaccinated or have recently been sick with COVID-19, you may not need to quarantine. But you may need to be tested and wear a mask in public indoor spaces for 14 days or until you test negative for COVID-19. Stay home. If you've been exposed to...

  • Antibody Test for COVID-19

    An antibody test looks for antibodies in the blood. These are proteins that your immune system makes, usually after you're exposed to germs like viruses or bacteria or after you get a vaccine. Antibodies work to fight illness. A COVID-19 antibody test looks for antibodies to SARS-CoV-2, the virus that...

  • Asthma: Helping a Young Child Take Medicine

    Learn ways to encourage your young child to take asthma medicine with a nebulizer.

  • Teaching Your Child to Use an Inhaler Without a Spacer

    Learn how your child should use an inhaler without a spacer.

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