CampusCare COVID Support Center

CampusCare COVID Support CenterHartford HealthCare CampusCare’s COVID Support Center has been created to help confront the COVID-19 pandemic and keep our school and university communities safe.

The Center provides you with information and resources about how to maintain safe and healthy environments as well as consultation on the best practices to mitigate risks of spreading the coronavirus and strategies to ensure the safe and secure return to schools.



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Our experts can provide the following resources:

  • Recommendations for implementing COVID-19 guidelines, aligned with state guidelines and industry-specific COVID-19 best practices
  • Our COVID-19 toolkit for school faculty and/or staff, students and parents
  • Educational materials specific to COVID-19, such as videos, visual aids, materials for the school website.
  • Opportunities to meet with our subject matter experts virtually so staff at all levels can ask questions and get the latest advice regarding COVID-19 safety and spread prevention.
  • Train contact tracers at your institution
  • Testing for school systems
  • Live scenario-based tabletop discussions to test current process with hypotheticals relevant to the industry and COVID-19.

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