Oropharyngeal Cancer MSK 17-409

MSK 17-409, A Prospective Non-inferiority Trial of Major Radiation Dose De-Escalation Concurrent with Chemotherapy for Human Papilloma Virus Associated Oropharyngeal Carcinoma.

The purpose of this study is to demonstrate that participants with HPV positive and hypoxia negative T1-2, N1-2c (AJCC, 7th ed.) oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma receiving a major de-escalated radiation therapy with 2 cycles of standard chemotherapy is not inferior to comparable subjects treated with the current standard chemoradiation.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The patient must have signed and dated an Institutional Review Board (IRB)-approved consent form that conforms to federal and institutional guidelines
  • Pathologically proven diagnosis of HPV associated oropharyngeal cancer from surgical resection or excisional biopsy regardless of margin status
  • Clinical stage T1-2/N1-2c (AJCC, 7th ed.) without evidence of distant metastasis based on FDG PET/CT.

This study is for patients age 18 Years and older.

Available at: Hartford Hospital