Composite Biomarker for Early Detection of Tobacco-Associated Lung Cancer: A Case/Control Study

Lung cancer is the only tobacco-related malignancy that currently has an effective, widely recommended screening test: low dose CT (LDCT) of the chest. The purpose of this study is to evaluate how a combination of biomarkers acquired from various body fluids can perform compared to the current standard chest LDCT screening test.

While LDCT is the current standard of care for screening lung cancer, there is room for improvement in accuracy and risk reduction. There may be an increase in accuracy or decrease in risk associated with testing bodily fluids - specifically saliva, urine, and blood, as opposed to the LDCT. Samples will be collected, de-identified, then sent to Memorial Sloan-Kettering for analysis.

Patients with an elevated risk of tobacco-associated cancers and who are planning to undergo a LDCT scan

Locations: Hartford Hospital, Hospital of Central Connecticut, Midstate Medical Center, Saint Vincent's Medical Center, Hartford HealthCare Medical Group - Manchester, Hartford HealthCare Cancer Institute - Avon

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