MSK 12-245 Tumor Genomic Profiling in Patients Evaluated for Targeted Cancer Therapy – IMPACT

Sponsor: Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Number: 12-245 IMPACT

The purpose of this genomic profiling study is to determine whether certain genes in cancer may be abnormal. When a gene is abnormal this is called a mutation. Most mutations in cancer cells are not inherited (passed down from parents), but happen after birth in the cancer itself. Most cancers have many mutations. Some of these mutations are important for the cancer cells to survive while others are not. The goal of this study is to test cancer for certain mutations using leftover tumor tissue from a previous surgery or biopsy. Participants will also be asked to provide one tube of blood via phlebotomy. The tube of blood contains normal genes for comparison. Once the results are generated from the tissue and blood specimens provided, your physician will contact and discuss with you whether there are any clinical trials open for your specific genomic mutation(s).

Who’s eligible:

  • This study is for participants age 18 and older.

Available at: The Hospital of Central Connecticut, MidState Medical Center, and Hartford Hospital.

Cancer Clinical Research Office