Development of a tailored anxiety intervention for Latino/Latina/Hispanic older adults with cancer and their caregivers

MAC is a seven-session psychotherapy intervention delivered via videoconference and/or telephone
by licensed social workers. Each session is 45-60 minutes in length and teaches a new skill for managing anxiety. The study will elicit feedback in the form of open-ended questions that will help researchers in determining the best way to tailor MAC for this population.


  • 65+ years of age
  • Currently receiving cancer treatment OR within 18 months of completing active treatment
  • Endorses "yes" to the questions "Have you ever experienced anxiety, worry, or nervousness related to your cancer or cancer treatment?" and "Can you remember your experience well enough to discuss it?"
  • English or Spanish speaking and identifies as latino/latina/hispanic
  • Has an informal caregiver ("a family member, partner, friend, or other individual involved with your health care issues") who is eligible and able to participate in this study.

Locations: Hartford Hospital, Windham Hospital, Hartford HealthCare - Avon, Hartford HealthCare - Manchester

Contact:, 570-441-2401

Sponsor: Memorial Sloan Kettering