Brain Tumors MSK 17-261

A Phase 2 Study of Abemaciclib in Patients With Recurrent Brain Tumors

Eligibility Criteria

Cohort A specific inclusion:

  • Histologically confirmed IDHwt, RB intact, grade II or III glioma that has recurred after first line therapy (consisting of at least maximum feasible surgical resection and radiation therapy). There is no limit on the number of prior therapies or types of therapies patients can have received.
  • Measurable disease on imaging (1cm) or measurable non-enhancing tumor.
  • At least 12 weeks elapsed since prior radiotherapy

Cohort C specific Inclusion:

  • Histologically confirmed IDH mutant glioma, meningioma, schwanomma, PCNSL, ependymoma, or other Primary Brain Tumors that have recurred despite previous standard of care therapy. Because this cohort is, in part, meant to allow patients access to therapy who might not otherwise be eligible for other clinical trials - deviations from standard of care treatment can be presented to and approved by the Principal Investigator for inclusion in the study.
  • Histologically confirmed PCNSL that has recurred after prior methotrexate-based chemotherapy or for whom methotrexate-based chemotherapy is deemed medically not in the patient's best interest.

This study is for patients age 18 and older.

Available at: Hartford Hospital

Cancer Clinical Research Office