Planning a CME Activity

The CME department encourages program planners to begin the application process as far in advance of the CME activity as possible.

For single events (symposiums, conferences, workshops, etc.), the CME department requires the entire application package be submitted 12 weeks prior to the event for review and, if necessary, revisions.

For recurring events (grand rounds, journal clubs, etc.), we require all application materials five business days prior to the event. 

CME Application Guide

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Types of CME Activities

Did you know you can get CMEs for work that you are already doing?

  • Committee Learning
  • Internet searching and learning
  • Journal-based CME
  • Manuscript Review
  • Test-item Writing

Performance Improvement (PI) CME: This is an activity structured as a three-stage process by    which a physician or group of physicians learn about:

  • specific performance measures
  • assess their practice using the selected performance measures
  • implement interventions to improve performance related to these measures over a useful interval of time
  • reassess their practice using the same performance measures.

Other CME

Have an activity that doesn’t quite fit into a traditional CME format? We can work with you to introduce  new instructional practices, as well as blend new and/or established learning formats that are appropriate to your learners and setting.

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Needs Assessment Data

Begin planning your CME activity by conducting a needs assessment. A needs assessment, whether obtained by conducting a survey, developing a matrix, or researching electronic resources, will provide planners with insight into underlying gaps in professional practice. These are the differences between current practices and best practices as defined by clinical guidelines or evidence-based standards of care.

A Needs Assessment can assist in:

  • Identifying the educational needs, professional practice gaps, and or barriers to care for your target audience
  • Sharpening a program's priority-based strategic improvement plan
  • Refining learning objectives that are specific to the goals of an activity and are measurable

For More Information

The CME Department is here to help answer questions about activity planning requirements and provide assistance with this process. Please contact us at 860.972.5816, or

Continuing Medical Education Department