About CESI

logo watermarkCESI is an innovative resource center positioned to create a customized work and learning environment for your teams.

At CESI, you will find 45,000 square feet of high tech space, abundant technical equipment and resources, highly skilled professionals, and full concierge services to help you achieve your objectives within an excellent client experience.

Our Mission: CESI will be recognized as a premier global center for comprehensive experiential learning and innovation using simulation and other leading-edge training technologies

Our Vision: To assist all healthcare providers in enhancing multidisciplinary team performance, the quality of patient care, and patient safety through a comprehensive range of educational programs using state-of-the-art simulation and cutting edge technologies. 

CESI serves the following markets with a full range of customized educational, research & development, and sales team training services:

  • Medical device manufacturers
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Medical professional societies
  • Health professional associations
  • Healthcare systems and hospitals
  • Law enforcement organizations
  • Military institutions
  • Emergency medical services
  • Nursing, and health professional schools
  • Risk management professionals

Medical Devices, and Pharmaceutical Companies: Seeking Products Design Validation, Human Factors or Usability services and support?
CESI can design programs to provide real-time feedback from our physicians and healthcare providers. Our full service lab facility will accelerate R&D timelines and quality outcomes. 

Medical, Professional Societies, Risk Managers: Need to help your practitioner teams learn new skills to improve quality, safety and confidence?
We can create a specialized, goal-oriented training curriculum for your medical, sales and marketing and research and development teams. Training leads to a safe surgery with lower risk, and improved outcomes.

Military, Law Enforcement and Emergency Response: Do your teams need to keep their skills sharp, or to learn new ones?
CESI has a long history in serving those who serve. You can rely on CESI to create customized real-world scenario based training to meet your specific needs.

Nursing, and Health Professional Schools: Do your students need more exposure to complementary simulation based clinical training?
CESI can create the right clinically oriented program for all students to fully complement your academic program and built to graduate a ready-for-work healthcare professional. We can deliver the highest quality experience to your students working closely with you to ensure all requirements are met.

We get it: CESI will understand your needs and objectives, build customized programs and services, and deliver those within a great client experience to produce outstanding results. We always deliver, and we will go above and beyond your expectations - just ask our clients.

Center for Education, Simulation & Innovation