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Medzah Industries

June 19, 2023

President/CEO: Rafey Zaheer Location: Glastonbury, CT Length of time in business: Since 2016 Diverse supplier designation: Minority-owned Product or service provided: Medical supply manufacturer and distributor Number of employees: 22 Backed by years of experience in the medical field, the team behind Medzah Industries focuses on three key goals: Creating products that are innovative, fairly priced and sustainable. The company expanded operations in just seven years to accommodate production and distribution of a variety of products including gloves, nursing supplies, diagnostics, surgical supplies, facial protection and walking aids. “Our vision is to establish ourselves as a lead manufacturer in the healthcare industry by providing quality manufactured products, exceptional customer service, and a commitment to sustainability,” says Medzah CEO Rafey Zaheer. As a diversely-owned company, Medzah is also committed to empowering members of the minority community, promoting an inclusive and diverse workplace, and working toward justice, equity and inclusion, he adds. They do that by bringing jobs and opportunity to the state’s diverse communities. “We strive to create a lasting impact through collaboration, celebrating all backgrounds, and making a meaningful and lasting difference in the lives of those we serve,” says Zaheer, who worked for more than 12 years in durable medical equipment and orthopedics. Hartford HealthCare partners with the company for eco-friendly, biodegradable nitrile gloves. “We greatly value our partnership with Hartford HealthCare, which has been progressive in supporting locally-owned, diverse companies,” Zaheer says.