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CT Medical Society Publishes Special IOL 200th Anniversary Issue

May 25, 2022

Two centuries of innovation and excellence at the Institute of Living that revolutionized care for the mentally ill is the subject of the latest issue of the Journal of the Connecticut State Medical Society. IOL 200th Medical Society Cover Photo Articles examine the rich history and legacy now being highlighted during the two-year anniversary celebration of IOL founding in 1822. In the early 19th Century, the Institute of Living became one of four facilities of its kind in the nation to care for people with mental illness. At the time, medicine was distinguishing itself from religion, and the IOL was the first in the country founded with donations and support from the Connecticut State Medical Society. Today, the IOL has grown and the work continues in the labs, offices and patient rooms across the institution where psychiatrists and researchers perform cutting edge work every day to help improve the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness. The special issue features a guest editorial by Hank Schwartz, MD, psychiatrist-in-chief emeritus at the Institute of Living, entitled Two Hundred Years of Innovation and Excellence and article The Retreat for the Insane: An Early Example of the Use of Moral Treatment in America by authors Dr. Bruce Clouette, PhD, and Paul Deslandes, PhD. Connecticut Medicine is the scientific, peer reviewed journal of the Connecticut State Medical Society published since 1936. You can view the issue here. Visit the IOL 200th Anniversary Page here.