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Hartford HealthCare Leaders Travel to Israel to Build New Partnership

June 03, 2019

Hartford HealthCare leaders recently returned with a special delegation after a four-day trip to Israel. There were joined by a representative from the Metro Hartford Alliance.

Together, the group explored ways to develop long-term, mutually-beneficial partnerships that leverage Hartford HealthCare as well as Hartford-area talent and innovation.

During the four- day trip, Hartford HealthCare and Rabin Medical Center signed a memorandum of understanding to develop a long-term collaboration. The goal of the new program will be to enhance quality and outcomes, as well as develop physician fellowship programs in Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Medicine by 2020. There are also plans to enhance.

For many years, Hartford HealthCare has worked to identify opportunities for innovative Israeli healthcare companies that would be willing to collaborate. Hartford HealthCare has long standing relationships with Magen David Adom, Israel’s version of the Red Cross. Teams from Magen David Adom have come to Hartford HealthCare’s Center for Education, Simulation and Innovation to train and better understand air medical transport. This relationship has accelerated opportunities for even more collaboration.

One physician, Yoav Shoam, M.D., from the Emergency Department at the Rabin Medical Center, spoke about his experience training at Hartford  Hospital’s Center for Education, Simulation and Innovation (CESI). “I spent six weeks in Hartford in 2016 to learn and understand how to create a hub of simulation. Three years later, the Rabin Medical Center now has an active Center for Medical Simulation program.”

During the visit to Israel, Hartford HealthCare highlighted some of the organization’s nationally recognized innovation initiatives and accolades, which cement our region’s position as a healthcare hub. Hartford HealthCare is well known for its clinically integrated healthcare ecosystem and the value it brings to Israeli startups and entrepreneurs. In addition to Rabin Medical Center, the Hartford HealthCare delegation met with Magen David Adom, the Israel Center of Medical Simulation, the Israeli Ministry of Health, the Israel Export Institute and the Israel Innovation Authority.

The government of Israel through the Economic Mission & Trade Investment will bring a delegation of companies to Connecticut this fall.