HHC Expert Weighs in on QU's Snapchat Incident

September 26, 2016

The Snapchat photo gone bad at Quinnipiac University in Hamden shows the power, and risks, of social media, says Institute of Living child psychologist Laura Saunders.

An otherwise innocent image of a young woman in a black facial beauty mask became a racially charged outrage when another student posted the image with the caption “Black Lives Matter.”

“The university investigation found that the student in the photo put a cosmetic mask on her face and was photographed by another student,” said Quinnipiac Provost Mark Thompson in a statement Tuesday. “The student who took the photograph added a racially offensive remark and posted it on social media without the subject’s knowledge. Given the information provided to the university, the student pictured in the photo that was posted on social media was not deemed responsible for the posting or its content. The student who took the photo, added the remark and posted it is no longer a member of the university community.”

Here’s Dr. Saunders in a appearance this week on Fox 61: