Hartford HealthCare’s Preferred Provider Network Partners With Nursing Homes to Improve Post-Hospital Care

July 05, 2017

Hartford HealthCare recently introduced a skilled nursing Preferred Provider Network, a partnership that is expected to help quicken recovery times, improve outcomes, provide personalized care plans and reduce hospital readmissions for patients.

Hartford HealthCare developed the network to ensure that patients experience seamless transitions throughout every stage of recovery. Before discharge from the hospital, qualified staff helps patients, family members and/or caregivers navigate through the often confusing options to develop a personalized care plan.

More than one year in the making, strategic partners were chosen from the top high-performing skilled nursing facilities in Connecticut that have been identified as excelling in clinical quality and staffing, and are recognized by the Center for Medicare Services as 3- to 5-star-rated communities.

The Hartford HealthCare Preferred Provider Network is comprised of 33 skilled nursing home providers that represent a large geographical footprint within Connecticut. Through this partnership, patients can be transitioned to the right place at the right time to ensure the highest quality care following hospitalization or high level of care.

“Strengthening our partnership with high quality skilled nursing home providers will enable us to better manage data and outcomes, and improve communication. This will naturally translate to a better patient experience and safer transition,” said Lisa Connolly, vice president, Hartford HealthCare Senior Services. “The Preferred Provider Network is only one prong in a multitude of post-acute care options available to patients, including home care, outpatient rehab, behavior health services, fitness programs, and case management to name a few. All are designed to support safe and cost effective transitions of care.”

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