Hartford HealthCare, GE Healthcare Join Forces To Create New Solutions For Faster, Better Care

April 11, 2017

Hartford HealthCare and GE Healthcare today announced plans to launch a series of projects over seven years — all aimed at getting patients the care they need more quickly and safely.

Over the next seven years, GE Healthcare and Hartford HealthCare will work together to help patients avoid unnecessary wait times and “traffic jams” that can delay care. The relationship will feature GE’s advanced analytics to determine the best strategies for clinical program and capacity design. GE and Hartford HealthCare will share expertise to focus on access, patient experience and efficiency. 

“Through this collaboration, we continue to build a world-class healthcare system for the people we have the privilege to serve,” said Elliot Joseph, Chief Executive Officer of Hartford HealthCare. “We are redesigning the way we organize and deliver care. We are focused on ensuring patients get the care they need, where they need it, and to coordinate that care so it is faster, safer and, ultimately, more affordable.”

An important element of the agreement is GE helping to implement and activate Hartford HealthCare's new Hartford HealthCare Care Logistics Center.  The Center’s goal is to improve patient and staff experience by reducing waiting times and improving communication between providers and facilities.

“We are incredibly excited by the possibilities of what our organizations can do together,” said President and Chief Operating Officer of Hartford HealthCare, Jeffrey Flaks. “Getting patients to the right level of care quickly – and ensuring that critical medical information is readily available – will help us in our mission to heal and save lives across our state. This is part of Hartford HealthCare’s vision to create a new standard of care for the people of Connecticut. It will put GE’s expertise and technology to its best use as we serve our patients and families.” 

The collaboration — the first of its kind in New England — has four main objectives: 

  • Enhance the patient experience through more efficient access to diagnosis, testing and treatment
  • Drive improved efficiency to lower the cost of care and provide more than $14 million in savings over the seven-year course of the relationship
  • Further develop complex digital imaging services, with improved staffing models and better technology to enable more efficient access for patients across the system 
  • Leverage advanced analytics to support ongoing operational and clinical improvements that could lead to faster care

Over the course of the seven-year project, both organizations have committed to achieving measurable improvements and outcomes.

“To truly transform the patient experience at this level requires us to completely rethink how and where we can improve efficiencies,” said John Flannery, President and Chief Executive Officer of GE Healthcare. “We believe that this strategic, outcomes-based agreement will focus on the shared priorities to enhance clinical quality, patient experience and operational efficiency.” 


Hartford HealthCare Press Contact

  • Shawn Mawhiney
    Director of Communications