Expanded Electrophysiology Lab Opens At Hartford Hospital

July 21, 2017

The Hartford HealthCare Heart & Vascular Institute opened its expanded Cardiac Electrophysiology Lab at Hartford Hospital on July 10, offering state-of-the-art technology and a dedicated, eight-patient suite for pre- and post-procedure care.

The new area goes beyond the addition of a third lab by offering a complete redesign of the workspace that will make care seamless for patients and doctors. Patients who need treatment for heart-rhythm disorders can now get it more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

“Our vision is to have a comprehensive, integrated, high-quality arrhythmia program across our health system,” said Mariane Carna, vice president of the Hartford HealthCare Heart and Vascular Institute. “The new space at Hartford Hospital supports our all-inclusive and global strategy as we continue to build our Arrhythmia Center of Excellence.” 

One important change with the new space brings patients closer to their families. Instead of patients having their pre-op and recovery on one floor while family members wait for them on another floor, a new holding area keeps everyone together.

“One of the key reasons for this expansion is to make the entire process easier and more efficient for the patients, their families and the caregivers involved,” said Dr. Mark Marieb, system director of electrophysiology labs for the HHC Heart and Vascular Institute. “Having the pre-procedure, procedure, and post-procedure areas in close proximity and staffed by healthcare workers with specialized areas of expertise makes the whole peri-procedural process safer and more streamlined.” 

The expansion became necessary because of a growing demand for these procedures, according to Dr. Eric Crespo, director of the hospital’s interventional electrophysiology labs.

“Demand for the procedures we do has increased substantially over the last several years,” Dr. Crespo said when the renovations began. “As the population ages, there are many more people who need pacemakers, defibrillators and treatment for atrial fibrillation.” 

The patient volume is also increasing as more hospitals and physicians across the state refer their heart-rhythm patients to Hartford Hospital. In 2016, the lab performed over 1,300 procedures for more than 800 patients.

The hospital is now better prepared to offer these patients better access and a quick return to their normal lives.

“We want to provide the best electrophysiology care we can to patients in a timely fashion,” said Dr. Steven Zweibel, director of cardiac electrophysiology. “This expansion will help us do that.”