Clinical Collaboration Between Hartford HealthCare and CVS Announced

May 15, 2014

Hartford HealthCare (HHC) and CVS have announced a clinical collaboration that will improve care management for our patients.

HHC is pleased to be the first health system in Connecticut to enter this affiliation with CVS, the nation’s largest integrated pharmacy.

Through this collaborative, HHC will be better able to support Integrated Care Partners (ICP) in care management efforts. Patients will have access to clinical support, medication counseling, chronic disease monitoring and wellness programs at CVS, and clinical information will be shared electronically with physicians.

HHC will launch this project with the Hartford HealthCare Medical Group, and include all ICP physicians over time.

Over the next several months, HHC will work with CVS on integrating electronic medical records to securely share appropriate patient information and to help ensure continuity of care.