Backus Welcomes Baby Boy During Blizzard

March 14, 2017

While this late season blizzard has been a pain for most of us, it will be remembered with great joy by the Hardee family of North Stonington.

The Hardee’s welcomed the birth of their third child, Harrison Everett Hardee, born at Backus at 8:29 am Tuesday, during the height of the storm.

The hours leading up to the birth were a bit stressful for mom Lisa Hardee though. Her husband Joseph is in the navy and currently out to sea; and Lisa had a planned C-section scheduled during the storm.

“I was stressed out a bit watching all of the hype on the news,” she said.

Her father, who lives nearby, drove Lisa to Backus on Monday evening, and Harrison arrived right on schedule.

“The staff was wonderful. Everyone was so accommodating,” Hardee says.

And, while Harrison, weighing in at 7lbs, 1oz., hasn’t met his sisters (ages 4 and 6) yet, Lisa is hopeful the roads will be clear enough for her parents to bring them for a visit in the morning.