Startups in Digital Health CT Cohort

HHC is the anchor institution/partner in a CT grant-funded initiative, Innovations Place, to foster innovation, economic development and job growth in the Hartford Region, focused on MedTech innovation. A digital health accelerator has recently been launched as part of this public/private initiative in partnership with Trinity College, in Hartford, and the UConn School of Business and the Tech Commercialization Services Division.

2019-2020 Participants

Aiva Health

Theme: Patient Experience, Patient Care

Aiva uses voice assistance to increase efficiencies and improve satisfaction for patients and caregivers alike.

Aiva uses Amazon Echos, Google Homes, and other voice assistants to increase satisfaction for caregivers and patients alike. Today, physicians spend nearly half of their time typing in data, and nurses are interrupted from patient interaction every 6 minutes. Aiva frees up clinicians to deliver faster, more personal care, which improves caregiving for them as well as their partners.


Theme: Mental Health, Behavioral Health Monitoring

BrainCheck provides clinicians with the ability to quickly, easily, and comprehensively assess patients’ brain function and behavioral health comorbidities with clinical decision support.

BrainCheck provides cognitive health solutions to over 100 healthcare and athletic organizations around the country. More than 40,000 individuals are using BrainCheck to assess and monitor their cognitive health and share changes with clinicians.


Theme: Patient Experience, Scheduling

Clearstep matches symptom descriptions to the right points of care using the most accurate content available. It can provide recommendations that encompass price, network status, outcome ratings and wait times. Clearstep makes it easy for patients to choose and schedule needed care.


Theme: Behavioral Health, Voice Monitoring

CompanionMx uses AI algorithms to quantify clinically validated mental health symptoms. The Companion system uses active monitoring of voice and passive monitoring of other smartphone metadata to continuously produce acoustic and behavioral biomarkers that predict core symptoms of mood and anxiety disorders. The software has been used by more than 1,500 patients and scores of behavioral healthcare clinicians and researchers.

CompanionMx has one patent issued, has one patent pending, and has a library of 300M+ patient health information data points collected from 1,500+ patients over 7 years. In one study, this data enabled clinicians to predict the onset of manic episodes up to 2 weeks in advance.


Theme: Medical Scribing

DeepScribe's mission is to bring the joy of care back to medicine. We do this through our AI-powered medical scribe that prepares comprehensive medical notes simply by listening to the natural patient conversation. With DeepScribe, our clinicians save up to 3 hours a day on their documentation.

Ellipsis Health

Theme: Behavioral Health, Mental Health

Ellipsis Health uses AI to improve behavioral health through the analysis of natural conversation. Their system provides a simple, cost effective way for providers, care teams, healthcare systems, and other organizations to continually screen their patient population for depression, anxiety, and other behavioral health issues so their patients can get the support they need.


Theme: Cancer Testing/Treatment

At Encapsulate, we have developed an automated tumor-on-a-chip system that can grow patient-derived cancer cells ex vivo, and screen them against chemotherapeutic drugs. With this technology the oncologist can choose the most effective chemotherapy drug prior to treatment on an individualized basis.

Lineus Medical

Theme: IV Lines/Devices

Lineus Medical produces medical devices designed to eliminate harm associated with IV lines. There are currently no competitors to Lineus Medical on the market. The current standard of care is the use of tape and additional securement devices. 46% of IV lines fail before their intended use is complete. Lineus Medical has one issued utility patent and one design patent. Two additional utility patents have been filed.

MDI Health

Theme: Medication Management, Patient-Medication Interactions

MDI Health provides quick and intuitive access to up-to-date information regarding each patient and suggests a personalized medication treatment, while taking into consideration how a medication cocktail is going to affect a specific patient.


Theme: Male Reproductive Testing/Wellness

QRfertile offers a mobile-enabled, at-home diagnostic platform as a reproductive health and wellness solution for high-risk and subfertile men in their reproductive age.