Medical Rounds with Wendy Nichols

Thousands will converge in Cromwell all this week for the Travelers Championship. With the first round set to begin tomorrow, players are gearing up and working on their game. Part of that is making sure they stay injury free. Wendy Nichols, a physical therapist who oversees the Center for Musculoskeletal Health at the Bone and Joint Institute at Hartford Hospital explains.

Q. The Bone & Joint Institute at Hartford Hospital is the region’s first and only orthopedic hospital with a dedicated center for musculoskeletal health. What make this center so different?
A. At the Bone and Joint Institute we have all the tools and a state-of-the art motion lab with multiple cameras to really capture what the body is doing.  Then our experts can really analyze what the body is doing. Once we are able to look at how the body moves we are able to correct small things that might not be visible otherwise… and this can help the overall swing.

Q. The Center for Musculoskeletal Health also includes an assessment center for athletes - can this actually help athletes enhance their performance?
A. At the Center we run athletes through an entire assessment where we look at their entire well-being as a whole. We have the motion lab which can help us set up a treatment plan of physical therapy if necessary. We also work to help with diet and can set people up with a plan to stop smoking. In addition to golf, we also have the ability to analyze runner’s stride and look at body mechanics to improve stride and help avoid injuries as well.

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