Thankful for the gift of sight

Restoring Sight With a Beam of Light

Do you know what cataracts are? The risk factors and the latest treatment options? Meet Henry and Shirley DePhillips, who both chose laser cataract surgery and are now seeing life in a whole new light.

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  • The Face of Strength

    A breast cancer survivor is now giving back, taking part in a clinical trial.

  • HealthCare Happenings May 2017

    There is so much happening across Hartford HealthCare.

  • Ashley's Gift of Life

    April is Organ Donor Awareness month. This story showcases the transplant team at Hartford Hospital and how it one young woman with a rare kidney disease the gift of life…

  • A New Option in Orthopedics

    Joint degeneration due to osteoarthritis can be debilitating. But patients don’t have to live in pain. Newer tools like robotic-assisted orthopedic surgery are helping patients like Frank Sena get their lives back, eliminate pain and get back to what they love to do.

  • A Heart for Life

    This follows the story of Jonathan Henry, a heart failure patient who waited for months at Hartford Hospital for a heart to become available. But what makes his story even more amazing? He had a bloodless heart transplant.

  • Can Texting Save Lives?

    Dancing with Parkinson's, Hartford HealthCare at Home opens doors in Bloomfield, and the Crisis Text Line.

  • HealthCare Happenings March 2017 Roundup

    April is Parkinson's Awareness Month, and learn about the X Factor - Mazor X now at Hartford HealthCare. It's all part of our March 2017 roundup!

  • ESPN Radio LIVE from the Bone & Joint Institute

    Don't miss the Rob Dibble Show on ESPN radio, LIVE from the Bone & Joint Institute. This is a glimpse inside the BJI, and highlight's Dibble's involvement.

  • Recovery and Resilience

    We are sharing a remarkable story of resilience. Meet Nicole Dzienis, a young woman who nearly lost it all as a passenger in a brutal car accident that shattered C 4, 5 and 6.

  • Supporting A Survivor: Sydney's Story

    We are sharing the inspiring story of Sydney Satchell, a young woman who lost her foot after a devastating car accident. But her rehab team at HHCRN helped her gain her confidence and set her on the path to the para Olympics. This is a story not to be missed.

  • HealthCare Happenings March 2017

    From robotic surgery in Willimantic to healthy fun in Southington to colon cancer prevention on Facebook LIVE, Hartford HealthCare is there for you!

  • Saving the Heart

    When cutting the grass becomes a medical emergency of the heart, the Hartford HealthCare Heart & Vascular Institute is ready to help, no matter what it takes.

  • Take Heart: One man's story

    This is the story of John Myers, who experienced two heart attacks in nine days.

  • A Soldier's Miracle

    This is the story of Joe Allsop, an amazing man who reminds us all that when you combine highly skilled physicians with a will to survive, miracles can and do happen.

  • Hartford HealthCare Happenings February 2017

    This week, we highlight a wrap up the Black & Red Gala, the CESI reaccreditation from the American College of Surgeons and the new Verifeye device at the Eye Surgery Center.

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